Vial septa for research and development
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Vial septa for research and development
Chromatography Autosampler Vial Septa Only | Aijiren Tech 8mm Autosampler Vial Septa Aijiren Tech™. Aijiren Tech™ Septa for 8-425 Screw Thread Caps are constructed of PTFE, PTFE/rubber,...
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Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Chromatography Autosampler Vial Septa Only | Aijiren Tech

8mm Autosampler Vial Septa Aijiren Tech™. Aijiren Tech™ Septa for 8-425 Screw Thread Caps are constructed of PTFE, PTFE/rubber, or PTFE/silicone to suit a variety of HPLC, GC and IC applications. Choose from Aijiren Tech™, Aijiren Tech™ National™, and Aijiren Tech™ Chromacol™ brands.

Which vial septa the right one to be used for HPLC?

PTFE / Silicone septa (T/S) are the most useful for HPLC applications as they have wide chemical compatibility and low extractables (I recommend them for general purpose use) . These area

22 mm x 0.125 mm PTFE/Silicone Septa for Headspace Vials, 72

22 mm x 0.125 mm PTFE/Silicone Septa for Headspace Vials, 72/pk | PerkinElmer. PerkinElmer. Revvity. Customer Transformation Hub. Request a Quote. Contact Us. We offer a variety of headspace consumables so you can evaluate different types of septa and vials for your sampling requirements.

New PRE-CUT Septa for HPLC Applications - Chromatography Today

Mar 17, 2009 · New PRE-CUT Septa for HPLC Applications. Mar 17 2009. In HPLC often slitted or cross-slitted Silicone/PTFE Septa are used, in order to offer a penetration aid for the fairly thick and dull needles used in the HPLC instruments. While the instrument needle requires the slitted septa, the user may run into the risk of concentration changes due to

Teflon septa for research development-Aijiren HPLC Vials Septa

Supplier: Aijiren Tech Description: Autosampler vial septa, 13 mm for use with 13-425 threaded caps or 13 mm snap/crimp caps. Septa for 2 ml Screw Top Vials, Aijiren Technologies Supplier: Aijiren TECHNOLOGIES, INC (CSD) Description: Septa, for screw top caps, certified, preslit PTFE/white silicone. Septum size: 9 mm (for 12 mm cap)

Septa at Thomas Scientific

Vial septa are available in a variety of materials. Septa, tan PTFE/silicone (diam. x thickness 8 mm x 1.5 mm) are sized to fit screw top vials. They are suitable for use with most organics (until pierced) and are not recommended for use with chlorosilanes. Compare this item.

Septa-vials | Sigma-Aldrich - MilliporeSigma

Find septa-vials and related products for scientific research at MilliporeSigma.

Septa Vial | VWR

Learn more about Septa Vial. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen.

VIAL KT-40mL PRE-CLEAN CLR (72CAP/SEPTA)-N6352030|PerkinElmer

Headspace Silicone Convenience Kit contains everything you need to run Gas Chromatography. Each product is manufactured using strict quality control standards resulting in consistent cap dimensions with septa which may be certified for higher purity grades. All our caps and septa are packed in a clean environment to ensure you receive contaminant free product every time.

Aijiren Vials and Closures | Aijiren

Aijiren understands that vials are a critical part of your analytical workflow—no less important than the column or the instrument. That is why Aijiren vials are designed to meet the high standards you have come to expect from every Aijiren product saving you time, reducing your operating costs, and boosting your productivity.

Septa | VWR

VWR Collection Providing a Wide Selection of Vials. VWR supports you in your autosampler vial selection process through on-site consultations with our Chromatography Specialists, and providing samples when needed.

Economy Certified Glass VOA Vials with 0.125" Septa - VWR

Aijiren Tech Economy Certified VOA Vials with 0.125" Septa are designed for water sample collection for volatile organic analysis (VOA). You get our standard 40 ml VOA vials, processed and Certified to meet EPA Performance Based . More Product Information. Septa vials with all the essentials and none of the frills.Vials are available in

Sigma PTFE and silicone vial septa exporter manufacturer

Aug 16, 2021 · Home » News » HPLC Septa Cap » PTFE septa cap for amber vial Saudi Arabia amber 2ml screw cap glass vials with high quality Amazon This item: Premium Vials B4702-12 Glass Vial with Screw Cap, 1 Dram Capacity, Amber (Pack of 12) $9.99 ($0.83 / 1 Glass Vial) In Stock. Send Inquiry >>. Get Price >>. 16 08 2021.

An Aijiren Septum is Not Just a Septum

The septum forms a barrier between your sample analyte in the vial and the outside atmosphere. This barrier protects your sample from external contamination while allowing a needle (from a manual or automatic syringe) to enter the vial, and extract the sample for the next stage of separation.

Vials | VWR

Our portfolio is used in virtually every stage of the most important research, development and production activities in the industries we serve. Our global footprint enables us to serve more than 300,000 customer locations and gives us extensive access to research laboratories and scientists in more than 180 countries.

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