Teflon septa for chemical materials
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Teflon septa for chemical materials
Chromatography Septa | Aijiren Tech Scientific Molded Septa are manufactured from high quality, low bleed material that uses the same exclusive LB-2 rubber formulation chromatographers are accustomed to ...
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Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Chromatography Septa | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Molded Septa are manufactured from high quality, low bleed material that uses the same exclusive LB-2 rubber formulation chromatographers are accustomed to using. Design. With Injection Hole. Type. Septa. For Use With (Equipment) Low Bleed GC-MS Columns. Temperature (Metric) Max. 350°C.

Teflon Vial at Thomas Scientific

High-quality borosilicate glass vials, open-top caps, .135" Teflon/silicone septa, pre-cleaned with Certificate of Analysis Each case contains 4 boxes of 72 vials Available in clear and amber and . 0.25 ml 1:1 HCL Preservative, GHS label Made in USA. Related Products: 20 Ml Glass Vials. Compare this item.

An Illustrated Guide to Schlenk Line Techniques

Jan 29, 2023 · Abstract. Schlenk lines are versatile pieces of laboratory equipment that enable the safe and convenient manipulation of air- and moisture-sensitive compounds. First pioneered in 1913 by Wilhelm Schlenk, the apparatus and techniques used today have evolved considerably, allowing more challenging and sensitive synthetic chemistry to be carried

Septa, PTFE/red rubber, pkg 100 - MilliporeSigma

Septa, PTFE/red rubber, pkg 100 PTFE/red rubber, diam. × thickness 9 mm × 1.0 mm; find Supelco-29038U MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich

Septum, PTFE/Butyl PTFE/rubber (butyl (Pharma-Fix)), diam. ×

PTFE-fused septa are suitable to overcome the degradation, which happens due to prolonged high temperatures, commonly observed in silicone rubber septa. The degradation results in baseline drift and additional peaks. It is generally fixed with the PTFE face towards the column packing.

The leaching of phthalates from PVC can be determined with an

Jan 1, 2019 · Glassware (20 mL and 60 mL vials) were cleaned with ultra-pure water, dried and rinsed with acetone. All glassware were heated at 550 °C for six hours in a muffle oven and closed with caps equipped with teflon septa. The infinite sink consisted of 10 mg activated carbon powder packed in a 4 cm x 4 cm piece of Grade 50 filter paper.

Polytetrafluoroethylene - Wikipedia

Polytetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and is a PFAS that has numerous applications. The commonly known brand name of PTFE-based composition is Teflon by Chemours, [3] a spin-off from DuPont, which originally discovered the compound in 1938. [3]

Autosampler Vials, Inserts, and Closures | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Vial inserts are used to reduce the capacity of the vial to accommodate smaller samples. Typically 150 to 400µL in volume, they may be made of glass, plastic, or a combination of materials. Closure options include those with and without septa, snap caps, screw caps, and crimp top caps. Vial caps and septa help prevent leakage and sample loss

Septa Selection Tool | Aijiren Tech Scientific - US

Septa materials & properties. Septa are made from different materials. See below for definitions and uses of different types of septa materials. Rubber septa. Used primarily for routine analysis in gas chromatography. Offers moderate ability to reseal and good chemical inertness.

Stoppers | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Stoppers, also known as bungs, are used to give an airtight seal to laboratory flasks and test tubes by fitting tightly inside the neck of the container and preventing material from spilling. Stoppers can be made of glass, cork, rubber, or silicone. They are typically designed with a conical shape, but straight, flanged, and tapered options are

Accessory Product Data Sheet - .NET Framework

performing products in the Verex line. Cert+ septa contain the very lowest levels of contaminants to minimize interference with the analysis, and are guaranteed to give excellent results with all major LC/MS and GC/MS instruments. Chemical compatibility of septa materials is of a general nature, often measured by the degree of

Septum Selection Guide Vials and Closures - Aijiren Tech Sci

PTFE/Synthetic Red Rubber Septa: (PTFE/RR) -30 +110 -22 +230 PTFE/ High Perfomance Red Rubber

Teflon Coated Septa - Zhejiang Aijiren Technologies Co.,Ltd

1. Product Introduction. 1)Description. Teflon coated septa has a high chemical resistance and forms an inert barrier between sample and carrier material of the septa. 9mm septa is used with 9-425 screw cap for 2ML 9-425 vials.

Septa - MilliporeSigma

Septa. A wide range of serrated and non-serrated septa, and sleeve stoppers are available for use as temporary closures for glassware joints, tubes, bottles, NMR tubes, ampules, and cannulation techniques in air-sensitive chemistry. To protect your valuable contents in the vessels or containers from the atmosphere, our range of septa provide

Teflon Cap Liners at Thomas Scientific

DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton) silicone liners White, autoclavable caps have a bonded Teflon-Faced Silicone Liner making them suitable for storage and containment of volatile solvents, sensitive compounds and corrosive chemicals. The liners consist of 0.055” of Silicone and 0.005” of Teflon. They are…. Compare this item.

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