Silicone septa for lab analytical equipment
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Silicone septa for lab analytical equipment
Voa Vials at Thomas Scientific The C&G 40 mL precleaned VOA (volatile organic compound) vial is mainly used in research laboratories or in chemical industries. It is suitable for use with auto...
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Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Voa Vials at Thomas Scientific

The C&G 40 mL precleaned VOA (volatile organic compound) vial is mainly used in research laboratories or in chemical industries. It is suitable for use with autosamplers, solid cap and liners for analysis. This L3 vial comes with a 24-414 white PTFE septa cap which offers tight sealing of sample. Compare this item.

How Pierced PTFE/Silicone Septa Affect GC-MS Experiments

Jan 2, 2006 · Figure 3 - Typical mass chromatogram of volatile residue in hexane caused by PTFE/silicone septa: a) hexane extract of a piece of septum; b) vial septum was punctured once by a syringe to sample 1 μL hexane for GC analysis; c) hexane in the last vial was reanalyzed after 3 days; and d) analyzed immediately after 100 μL hexane was added from one vial to another (the septum was punctured 10

Kinesis PTFE/Silicone Septum, 15 mm; 100/pk - Cole-Parmer

Add to Compare. Kinesis – Item # EW-98706-03. Choose the right septum for optimal performance and results. Various materials, thicknesses and hardnessess to suit your application. Pre-slit septa prevent a vacuum forming inside the vial. Natural PTFE/clear silicone, 15 mm dia. MORE +.

Septa selection guide

the solvent. PTFE/Silicone septa are ideal for use in most HPLC and GC applications where resealability and purity are critical. Pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa Pre-slit septa are offered in many of the same formulations as for non-slit PTFE/silicone septa and shares most of the physical and chemical characteristics. The septum is provided with a

Shop PTFE / Silicone Septum | 100/pk | wat058874 | Aijiren Technology

When it’s time for sample injection, you can trust the PTFE/Silicone Septum from Aijiren Technology to help you perform that process successfully. Our septa are held to a high standard of cleanliness and dimensional tolerances, as we believe you should only receive the cleanest products from us right out of the box. Tell your lab manager that you need

Septa - Aijiren Tech Scientific

Ensure optimal performance of your GC instrument with bleed and temperature optimized Aijiren Tech™ BTO and TR-Green Septa. Made of low-bleed silicone, these septa have excellent mechanical properties, are ideal for demanding GC-MS applications, and may be used reliably up to 400 °C.

WHEATON® MicroLiter Crimp-Top Headspace Vials, 20 mm - VWR

These headspace vials offer excellent performance.Vials are available in all capacities, materials like plastic vials or glass vials, and in a variety of colors to meet any collection, storage, or analysis need. Tailor vessels for specific media with various translucent manufacturing and different sterility options for precise test results. Choose from the extensive selection featuring

Septum Selection Guide Rev 2 - Aijiren Tech Sci

PTFE/Silicone Septa: (T/S) High quality, pure silicone is laminated to 0.005” thick PTFE to give a pure, highly inert septum with excellent resealing characteristics even after repeated punctures. PTFE/Silicone septa are the preferred product for use in most HPLC and GC applications where resealability and high purity are critical.

Analytical Vials - MilliporeSigma

Analytical Vials. Vials play a significant role in analytical analysis and result reproducibility. Vials must be inert and free of extractables or leachables to prevent affecting results. Using certified, application-specific, contaminant-free vials can significantly reduce risk. We offer a broad spectrum of Supelco ® products including

TCS PTFE/Silicone Septa. SGE - SG272-4 - General Laboratory

TCS PTFE/Silicone Septa. SGE - SG272-4. Toggle menu. Search. Lab Supplies. Adapters Aluminum Foil Ampules and Ampule Openers Equipment & Instruments. Air Meters

Septum Bleed during GC–MS Analysis: Utility of Septa of

Jul 10, 2012 · Different septa shown in Figures 2A–2D used in this study were obtained from various sources, including: SGE Analytical Science (Australia, part number 041904; suggested application maximum temperature of 400°C); yellow PTFE coated (part number 041827 suggested application maximum temperature of 200°C); Aijiren Tech BTO (part number THC31303230 no suggestion of application maximum

TOC Certified Containers - Aijiren Tech Scientific

Trust our low-level certified vials for Total Organic Carbon testing and sampling. Manufactured, tested and packaged by exacting standards,Aijiren Tech™ TOC Certified Containers are certified to contribute <10ppb or < 20ppb TOC as background. Product Overview. Recommendations. Documents.

Analytical, Laboratory and Scientific Instruments | LECO

Jul 14, 2023 · Analytical Industry innovations since 1936. We take away the stress and frustration your laboratory experiences when faced with the increasing demands of doing more with less. The one thing all laboratories need to be successful is results they feel confident in. Since 1936, millions of samples worldwide have been analyzed using LECO

Chromatography Septa | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Molded Septa are manufactured from high quality, low bleed material that uses the same exclusive LB-2 rubber formulation chromatographers are accustomed to using. Design. Solid Disc. Type. Septa. For Use With (Equipment) Low Bleed GC-MS Columns. Temperature (Metric) Max. 350°C.

SSP Septa Products - SSP Companies

Bonded Caps. Bonded caps from Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) are made of polypropylene (PP) plastic and bonded to platinum-cured silicone septa that’s easy-to-pierce. To ensure analytical purity, SSP uses a proprietary bonding technology that maintains the septum’s analytical properties. In other words, our bonding process won’t add

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