Sealing Chemistry Test Dispenser square reagent bottle
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Sealing Chemistry Test Dispenser square reagent bottle
Bottletop Diluters and Dispensers | Aijiren Tech Scientific Bottletop Dispenser. Warranty. 1 year free replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects. For Use With (Equipment) Bottle Top Dispense...
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Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Bottletop Diluters and Dispensers | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Bottletop Dispenser. Warranty. 1 year free replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects. For Use With (Equipment) Bottle Top Dispenser is used in laboratories to dispense reagent from the bottle in a preset volume accurately and safely into a receiving vessel. Viscosity Rating. 500mm 2.

Reagent Bottles | Aijiren Tech Scientific

4. Eisco™ Amber Reagent Bottle with Screw Cap. High quality, borosilicate glass flask. Pouring ring for drip free pouring and clean, safe working. 5. BrandTech™ Reagent Bottles with Screw Caps. VITLAB polypropylene reagent bottles with polypropylene screw caps have good chemical resistance. Autoclavable at 121 C for 20 minutes.

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Kartell, more than 60 years as leader in industrial design

Laboratory Bottles | Aijiren Tech Scientific - US

2018年3月1日 · Select the Nalgene dilution bottle that works for you. Nalgene dilution bottles make 1/10 and 1/100 dilutions simple. Graduated at 90mL and 99mL, with plenty of head space for reagent additions after dilution, often eliminating the need to transfer diluted samples to another container for further process steps.

Squeeze Bottle Dispensers at Thomas Scientific

Richard Allan Scientific. cSt) is recommended for use with inclined or vertical stages. The 0.5 oz. size is a handy squeeze tube dispenser with a 1" nozzle for reaching difficult areas. The 1

Dispensette® Testing Instructions (SOP) - Sigma-Aldrich

Testing Instructions (SOP) 1. Introduction. The standard ISO DIS 8655 describes both the design and the testing of the bottle-top dispenser. The following Testing Instructions describe how to

Stoppers | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Stoppers, also known as bungs, are used to give an airtight seal to laboratory flasks and test tubes by fitting tightly inside the neck of the container and preventing material from spilling. Stoppers can be made of glass, cork, rubber, or silicone. They are typically designed with a conical shape, but straight, flanged, and tapered options are

Brand Dispensette Bottletop Dispenser 2.5 - 25 ml | 4600151

Bottletop Dispensers|The Dispensette S bottle-top dispenser makes liquid dosing easy and secure. Discharge tube. with and without recirculation valve. COA Certificates of Analysis SDS Safety Data Sheets 语言: 中文(中华人民

Dispensing with the Dispensette® S | BRAND

The term 'dispensing' is understood to mean the discharge of defined quantities. For easy, rapid and precise dispensing of reagents, bottle-top dispensers are widely employed to replace poured transfers into graduated cylinders. They can be mounted directly on commercial laboratory bottles, either directly or by means of adapters.

Glass Reagent Bottles | DWK Life Sciences

Lab Bottles. Reagent Bottles. Available with screw caps, tight-sealing glass, or plastic stoppers. Wide range of capacities from 10 to 20,000 ml. Manufactured from borosilicate or soda-lime glass.

Bottles & Cans - Sigma-Aldrich

Bottles & Cans. We offer a variety of packaging options for your application. Whether you need your solvent packaging in glass bottle, PVC coated bottle, Sure/Seal™ bottle or aluminum

Acid Dispensers at Thomas Scientific

Acid Rinse Dispenser connects to any SteamScrubber or FlaskScrubber Washer to automate acid neutralizing rinse aid dispensing. Includes peristaltic pump, float switch, tubing, and a one

Bottle Top Dispensers for Accurate Dosing - LabDirect

Ceramus® Pharmacy Grade Adjustable Bottle Top Dispenser, 2.0 to 10.0ml (With 1000ml Glass Bottle) $575.00 +GST. HIRSCHMANN.

Syringes and Sure Seals – The Schlenk Line Survival Guide

2023年1月23日 · Step 2: Unscrew the cap from the reagent bottle, then remove the protective sheath from the needle and pierce the needle through the rubber septum. Inserting the gas inlet needle into the septum on the reagent bottle. Step 3: The disposable syringe and long (100–120 mm) needle used to measure the reagent is first purged by piercing it through

Glass Reagent Bottles at Thomas Scientific

Globe Glass media bottles are designed with a wide mouth for ease of filling, dispensing and pipetting. A drip free pour ring and autoclavable polyethylene (PE) screw cap enable sterilizations of media and reagents. Globe Glass media bottles are available in sizes 50mL to 10000mL. ASTM E438,.

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