PTFE septa for compliance testing chemistry
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PTFE septa for compliance testing chemistry
Septa Selection Guide – Aijiren Tech Scientific PTFE disk septa A solid disk of 0.010” thick pure PTFE offers superior chemical inertness against the most aggressive solvents. The thin membr...
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Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Septa Selection Guide - Aijiren Tech Scientific

PTFE disk septa A solid disk of 0.010” thick pure PTFE offers superior chemical inertness against the most aggressive solvents. The thin membrane allows for penetration by most normal gauge metal HPLC needles. PTFE septa are not resealable and should not be used with highly volatile solvents, short cycle times or multiple injection methods.

Sample handling solutions - Aijiren Tech Sci

PTFE Septa * -200 +250 -328 +482 Polyethylene (PE) * -50 +80 -58 +176 Polypropylene (PP) * 0 +121 32 +250 Butyl/Chlorobutyl/Bromobutyl Stopper or Septa -20 +125 -4 +257 Gray PTFE/Red Rubber -40 +120 -40 +248 PTFE/White Silicone PurePack Septa -60 +200 -76 +392 Gray PTFE/Molded Black Butyl (Pharmafix) Septa -20 +125 -4 +257

Chromatography Septa | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Molded Septa are manufactured from high quality, low bleed material that uses the same exclusive LB-2 rubber formulation chromatographers are accustomed to using. Design. Solid Disc. Type. Septa. For Use With (Equipment) Low Bleed GC-MS Columns. Temperature (Metric) Max. 350°C.

General Purpose Septa for Gas Chromatography | Aijiren

The septa material, dark red or gray in color, is specified to withstand over 200 automatic injections at an injection port temperature of 350 °C. You can have confidence in your chromatographic results knowing that each lot of septa goes through a demanding QC test to ensure that only the highest quality product is delivered to your laboratory.

22 mm x 0.125 mm PTFE/Silicone Septa for - PerkinElmer

Headspace Silicone Convenience Kit contains everything you need to run Gas Chromatography. Each product is manufactured using strict quality control standards resulting in consistent cap dimensions with septa which may be certified for higher purity grades.

10mmpoly SCREW CAP PTFE/SIL SLIT PK/100-N9306052-N9303416

Our closures with septa are made in a wide variety of sizes and materials ensuring you have the right combination for your sample type and analysis temperature. 9 mm Pre-Assembled Blue Polypropylene Screw Cap with Pre-Slit PTFE/Silicone Septa, 100/pk | PerkinElmer

WHEATON® Septa, for, Open Top, Caps | DWK Life Sciences

PTFE Faced White Silicone. $357.21 /Case of 100. In Stock. Add to Cart. W240590. 33. PTFE Faced Silicone. $609.04 /Case of 100. Currently Out of Stock.

Polytetrafluoroethylene - Wikipedia

Polytetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and is a PFAS that has numerous applications. The commonly known brand name of PTFE-based composition is Teflon by Chemours, [3] a spin-off from DuPont, which originally discovered the compound in 1938. [3]

Septa Selection Tool | Aijiren Tech Scientific - US

Rubber septa. Used primarily for routine analysis in gas chromatography. Offers moderate ability to reseal and good chemical inertness. Not recommended for multiple injections or holding samples for further analysis. PTFE is protective layer that once broken exposes rubber to chemical attack.

Septa | VWR

Septa are available in a variety of materials and thicknesses. PTFE Natural Rubber are moderately priced seals for GC and HPLC with good chemical properties. They are ideal for multiple injections due to high resealability, but not as easy to penetrate as PTFE/RR. PTFE/High Performance Rubber is a highly pure synthetic red rubber septum that

TOC Certified Containers - Aijiren Tech Scientific

Trust our low-level certified vials for Total Organic Carbon testing and sampling. Manufactured, tested and packaged by exacting standards,Aijiren Tech™ TOC Certified Containers are certified to contribute <10ppb or < 20ppb TOC as background. Product Overview. Recommendations. Documents.

Aijiren Techbrand Precleaned Glass EPA Vials - Aijiren Tech Scientific

40 mL. Case of 144 for $703.00. Check Availability. Add to Cart. 02-912-380. View Documents. View Product Certificates.

Accessory Product Data Sheet - .NET Framework

Accessory Product Data Sheet Septum Selection Guide 411 Madrid Avenue Torrance, CA 90501 Tel: 310-212-0555 Fax: 310-328-7768

Step by Step Septa Tutorial Use Guide - Here’s How and Why

Mar 31, 2022 · PTFE disk septa. A solid disk 0.010″ thick, our PTFE stands better than the most aggressive solvents. At least when it comes to chemical inertness. Most standard gauge metal HPLC needles can penetrate the thin membrane. Do not use PTFE septa with the following because you can’t release PTFE septa: 1. volatile solvents, 2. fast cycle periods,

Septa selection guide

-40 °C -60 °C natural rubber/TEF natural rubber/TEF; butyl/PTFE red rubber/ PTFE silicone/ PTFE Thin, fragile needle? Soft and thin septa required e.g. silicone/ PTFE Blunt, thick needle? Slit/pre- cut liner as penetration aid (HPLC) silicone/ PTFE, slit Critical analysis? Very clean liner required

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