How to replace silicone septa
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How to replace silicone septa
Prevent GC Inlet Problems BEFORE They Cost You Time and Money GC Septa. The GC septum should be routinely replaced to reduce the risk of leaks and septum particle contamination. In fact, if the ins...
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Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Prevent GC Inlet Problems BEFORE They Cost You Time and Money

GC Septa. The GC septum should be routinely replaced to reduce the risk of leaks and septum particle contamination. In fact, if the instrument is in heavy use, change the septum daily. Repeated use of the same septum will result in increased coring, which may introduce a leak and/or result in septum fragments being deposited in the inlet liner.

Silicone Septa at Thomas Scientific

SGE Your chromatography analysis does not end with the selection of the GC column. The combination of components selected for your instrument also make an important contribution to successful separations. Choose SGE technology to improve your chromatography. Compare this item 20MM SILICONE SEPTA Compare this item HT Grade BTO Silicone Septa SGE

Inlet Septa for Gas Chromatography | Aijiren

Inlet Septa for Gas Chromatography. Advanced Green inlet septa eliminate sticking and reduce coring. Bleed temperature optimized (BTO) inlet septa are preconditioned and ready to use with low-bleed, mass spec capillary columns. Our long-life septa are specially formed for extended use, meaning less downtime. Explore Aijiren's complete portfolio

Septa selection guide

the solvent. PTFE/Silicone septa are ideal for use in most HPLC and GC applications where resealability and purity are critical. Pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa Pre-slit septa are offered in many of the same formulations as for non-slit PTFE/silicone septa and shares most of the physical and chemical characteristics. The septum is provided with a


Card to Card Replacement - Log on to your SEPTA Key Account and go to My Account then follow these steps: Step 1: Select the card that is expiring then go to Card Options and click on Expiring Key Card. Step 2: Select Expiring as the reason for deactivating it and hit Proceed.

Septa - Minnesota Rubber & Plastics

The NR Series of Natural Rubber liners and septa are designed for high performance and economy. Manufactured from a high quality custom developed compound (5652), these Natural Rubber products exhibit good re-sealability, very good chemical resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 100 o C. Natural Rubber septa work particularly well with organic solvents and are most commonly supplied

TurboMatrix Consumables Guide (009709C 01) - PerkinElmer

temperature setting can decompose the septum material. PTFE coated silicone and aluminum-coated silicone offer the highest temperature operating limits. (See Septa Recommended Chart on page 5 for more details.) Turn to page 12 to view our range of ultra low bleed septa for headspace applications. Pre-Assembled Aluminum Crimp Caps and Septa

Products | Analytical Consumables & Spare Parts Singapore

228-21287-91. Description: 4mL vial kit,4-SV 100/PCT. Learn More. Showing 1 to 30 of 32. 1. 2. ShopShimadzu, your online analytical consumables store based in Singapore. Visit our website and register to get the latest offers and product updates!

How Pierced PTFE/Silicone Septa Affect GC-MS Experiments

Jan 2, 2006 · When necessary, the PTFE/silicone septa can be processed by heat treatment under vacuum, which can considerably decrease the level of volatile chemicals in septa. 7 PTFE liner, which is inert but shows inferior vapor sealing ability, can be used to replace the PTFE/silicone septum before the test in cases where the inferior sealability has

Replacing Your Liner, Septum and O-Ring | Aijiren

Products. Gas Chromatography. Replacing Your Liner, Septum and O-Ring.

Stoppers and Closures | Aijiren Tech Scientific

I-Chem™ Open-Top Septa Caps, 24-414mm, bonded septa, bulk Aijiren Tech™. Aijiren Tech™ Septa Caps include a bonded-in 0.045 in. thick septa. The same high quality septa caps used on our Aijiren Tech VOA Vials, septa bottles and septa jars. Processed to meet EPA performance–based specifications for Volatile Organic Analysis.

Axygen® AxyMats™ 96-well Silicone Septa - SelectScience

Axygen® AxyMats™ septa mat is designed to be used on ABI sequencer. Made of research-grade silicone, they can be autoclaved, and following a bleach wash and ethanol rinse protocol, they can also be reused.Septa Mat for ABI Multi-Capillary Sequencing InstrumentFor use with 96 PCR microplates

Septa - Aijiren Tech Scientific

Ensure optimal performance of your GC instrument with bleed and temperature optimized Aijiren Tech™ BTO and TR-Green Septa. Made of low-bleed silicone, these septa have excellent mechanical properties, are ideal for demanding GC-MS applications, and may be used reliably up to 400 °C.

An Aijiren Septum is Not Just a Septum

Septa can be made from a range of materials including PTFE, silicone, red rubber, luoroelastomers, and butyl to name. few. The materials are layered together in one of three options: Choose a material that is as inert as possible to your sample analyte and makeup solvents.

Septa - Supelco

SS-174123 mil off-white silicone rubber / 2 mil yellow Teflon. Improved version of the SS-138 with less bleed. Pyrosep S-1 Septa DISC DIAMETER mm INCH QTY. CAT. NO. PRICE 6 1/4 10 22369 9.5 3/8 10 22370-U ADAPTER RINGS (PK. OF 2) 9.5mm OD x 6mm ID1 22338 1 Use with 6mm septa, to replace 9.5mm septa. GR-2 Septa DISC DIAMETER

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