China Biosharp 1000ml Animal square reagent bottle
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China Biosharp 1000ml Animal square reagent bottle
Bottles And Accessories – Plastilab – Products – Kartell Kartell, more than 60 years as leader in industrial design Biosharp白鲨-关于我们 Biosharp is the brand launched by Labgic...
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Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Bottles And Accessories - Plastilab - Products - Kartell

Kartell, more than 60 years as leader in industrial design


Biosharp is the brand launched by Labgic in 2012. The products range covers general labware and basic ready-to-use solutions mainly for Life Science. With nearly 10 years of steady

Sigma-Aldrich - Duran ® laboratory bottles, with caps

Duran® laboratory bottles, with caps capacity 1,000 mL, blue PP screw cap and pouring ring; find -Z305200 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich

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Borosil. Borosil® Weighing Bottles are perfect for the precise weight of solids. Bottles are mechanically strong and chemically resistant. Bottles come with Interchangeable Stopper which seals the inner contents to prevent spilling. Avail. From

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1 offer from $17.99. #18. stonylab Graduated Storage Bottles with GL45 Screw Cap, 250 ml Borosilicate Glass Clear Round Lab Reagent Media Storage Bottles with Blue Screw Cap, 1 Pack. 1 offer from $12.99. #19. 6PK Reagent Bottles, 125ml - Narrow Mouth with Screw Cap - Polypropylene - Translucent - Eisco Labs.

ABW 碳吸附胎牛血清 现货-上海华雅思创生物科技有限公司

ABW 碳吸附胎牛血清 现货!!! ABW(Animal Blood Ware)是一家专业从事生产、销售细胞培养产品、干细胞及干细胞专用无血清培养基的创新型科技公司 —— 上海诺娃医药科技有限公司旗下的品牌。. 2017年,公司引进乌拉圭知名企业的血清产品进入中国,弥补了中国高端

容量瓶-容量瓶价格、图片、排行 - 阿里巴巴

10-1000ml多种型号实验室耗材 500ml毫升透明分装瓶子 塑料容量瓶 恒铭 品牌 7天包换 ¥1.8 沧县恒铭塑胶制品厂 6年 高硼硅容量瓶玻璃加厚带塞子实验器材烧瓶耐高温白色棕色容量瓶 江波 品牌 48小时发货 ¥2.98 江苏润宏科教 12

VETEC (sigma-aldrich)--上海百研生物科技有限公司

上海百研生物专业从事生命科学领域技术服务、分子生物学试剂、耗材、仪器等产品。主要的技术服务:荧光定量PCR、Western Blot 、基因合成、蛋白表达纯化、荧光探针修饰、多肽合成、载体构建、细胞培养等及相关的试剂盒


Biosharp BS-ST-001 独立包装一次性乳胶手套大号/Latex Gloves,L N/A 30副/盒 20盒/箱 盒 RT 45 Biosharp BS-QT-014 一次性油系滤器(NY膜 13mm 0.45u)/Oil Filters N/A 100个/包 包 RT Biosharp BS-QT-013 N/A 100个/包 包 RT


Biosharp品牌创立于2012年,是兰杰柯科技有限公司的三大自主品牌之一,其主要涉及生命科学领域通用实验室基础消耗品和基础即用型试剂。 历近10年的稳健发展,Biosharp已具备自己

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2016年11月15日 · Nalgene Square PET and PETG Media Bottles are the ideal media, sera, buffer, reagent storage, and shipping containers in today’s pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech markets. These durable and lightweight, shatter-resistant polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and heavy-walled, break-resistant glycol modified (PETG) bottles are compatible with



500ml PET Square Shape Storage Bottles China Manufacturer

500ml PET Storage Bottles With ISO9001&13485 certified, 500ml PET Storage Bottles are manufactured in 100,000 grade cleaning room with USP 6 grade raw materials. Nest is committed to be your best choice for laboratory and medical consumables. Nest delivers the one stop solution for its products including tooling making, injection, processing

Biosharp 品牌介绍及代理商/经销商名单 - 丁香通品牌专区

Biosharp 将依靠自主研究开发的高技术高质量和有绝对的价格竞争力的产品,力争打破国外大公司在生命科学领域垄断地位,为国内生命科学研究人员提供高品质产品及专业的技术服务,并立志成为中国乃至世界一流的生命科学产品供应商。. 兰杰柯——行业领先


Biosharp,Labgic,labselect.Our products cover the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, proteomics, immunology and microbiology. 中文 EN 400-600-4213 Nav Home

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