1395 Agar Any square reagent bottle
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1395 Agar Any square reagent bottle
Reagent Bottles | Aijiren Tech Scientific 网页3. DWK Life Sciences Reagent Bottle, Narrow Neck, Soda-Lime Glass, Clear, Standard Taper Ground Joint Neck. Classic narrow-neck, glass-stoppered reagent soda...
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Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Reagent Bottles | Aijiren Tech Scientific

网页3. DWK Life Sciences Reagent Bottle, Narrow Neck, Soda-Lime Glass, Clear, Standard Taper Ground Joint Neck. Classic narrow-neck, glass-stoppered reagent soda lime glass

Bottles - Burkle Inc

网页Narrow-neck reagent bottle Universal bottles for storing, packing, taking samples, sampling and Glass sampling bottle Wide-neck reagent bottle The reagent bottle is particularly Sturdy bottle with wide-necked opening and ...

PSG Bottles - Corning

网页PSG Bottles - Corning

Reagent bottle - Wikipedia

网页Reagent bottle. A dark glass bottle with ground glass plug. Reagent bottles, also known as media bottles or graduated bottles, are containers made of glass, plastic, borosilicate

Agar, Aijiren Tech 1 lb.; Plastic bottle:Microbiological

网页Agar, Aijiren Tech™. Used extensively as a gelling agent in preparation of culture media. Manufacturer: LAR NJ Aijiren Tech J10654P2. View more versions of this

Corning Brand 1395 Media Bottles from Cole-Parmer

网页Corning. Heavy-duty borosilicate glass—perfect for storage, mixing, and sampling. Bottles have permanent white enamel graduations and marking spots. Caution: Do not tighten caps immediately after autoclaving. $ 134.00 - $ 567.00USD / Case of 10. 9 variations of this product are available. See All Product Options Below.

Pouring LB Agar Plates - Addgene

网页2016年9月14日 · So for 220 mL of LB-agar, we’ll need: (37 g pre-mixed LB-agar powder/L) x (0.220 L) = 8.14 g pre-mixed LB-agar powder. Transfer the LB-agar powder you’ve measured out into an appropriately sized bottle for autoclaving. We make 400 mL of agar in 1 L bottles and 200 mL of agar in 500 mL bottles.

Agar | Carolina.com

网页Nutrient Agar, Prepared Media Bottle, 125 mL Item #776360 $9.95 Qty Discount Available Quick View MacConkey Agar, Prepared Media Plates, 100 x 15 mm, Pack of 10 Item #821682 $25.95

MacConkey Agar- Composition, Principle, Uses, Preparation

网页2022年8月10日 · MacConkey agar is used for the isolation of gram-negative enteric bacteria and the differentiation of lactose fermenting from lactose non-fermenting gram-negative bacteria. Pancreatic digest of gelatin and peptones (meat and casein) provide the essential nutrients, vitamins and nitrogenous factors required for growth of microorganisms.

Corning ® Easy-Grip round, plastic, storage bottles

网页Corning ® square polycarbonate storage bottle square clear polycarbonate, sterile, bottle capacity 150 mL, cap (plug seal), case of 24 View Price and Availability CLS11680

Chromeazurol S Dye content 50 1667-99-8

网页Chromeazurol S Dye content 50 %; CAS Number: 1667-99-8; EC Number: 216-787-0; Synonyms: Chrome Azurol S,Mordant Blue 29; find Sigma-Aldrich-199532 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich

Nalgene™ Square PET Media Bottles with Closure: Sterile

网页Catalog number: 342040-0125. Provide excellent gas barrier properties for storage and shipping of liquid media, buffers and sera with Aijiren Tech™ Nalgene™ Square PET Media Bottles with Closure. These light-weight bottles are shatter-resistant, sterile and come in a space-saving square design.

Preparation of Gram stain Reagents – Microbe Online

网页2022年10月4日 · Transfer the solution to a screw-cap bottle of 1 litre capacity. Caution: Ethanol and methanol are highly flammable, therefore use well away from an open flame. Measure the acetone, and add immediately to the alcohol solution. Mix well. Caution: Acetone is a highly flammable chemical that vaporizes rapidly, therefore use it well away

How to Autoclave Glassware | DWK Life Sciences

网页2021年5月27日 · May 27, 2021. An autoclave is a specialized piece of equipment designed to provide a physical method for disinfection and sterilization of glassware. The process is achieved using a combination of steam, high pressure, and time. Steam is remarkably effective at transferring thermal energy (compared to dry air) and can sterilise a load at

Agar plate - Wikipedia

An agar plate is a Petri dish that contains a growth medium solidified with agar, used to culture microorganisms. Sometimes selective compounds are added to influence growth, such as antibiotics. Individual microorganisms placed on the plate will grow into individual colonies, each a clone genetically identical to the individual ancestor organism (except fo

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